Finally, Spring

Eranthis hyemalis, Winter Aconite, flowering in the front garden this afternoon.
Eranthis hyemalis, Winter Aconite

Everything is delayed about a month from where I’d expect it to be. I would have had the first bulbs blooming last weekend, were it not for the blast of ice and snow we got. The most recent storm reached us last night. It eased off this morning, giving way to partial sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper fifties. Perfect for the crocuses to open up.

Crocus tommasinianus
Crocus tommasinianus

And here are two shots showing the flowers in situ in the front garden.

Crocus tommasinianus and Eranthis hyemalis

Crocus tommasinianus and Eranthis hyemalis

4 thoughts on “Finally, Spring

  1. NICE! Sure wish my bulbs weren’t under a foot of snow (even though I was the one whining about our lack of snow). Do your crocuses multiply for you? If so, I bet the aconite will be right behind them. Bulbs do weird things for me…like acting barely alive one year, abundent/massive the next, then just so-so the third year. I think the mystery’s the fun part!

  2. Winter Aconite!! Impressive! I have tried and tried to grow it…unsuccessfully…someone told me it is best to get it in the green to start a nice colony…however, I don’t know of any sources for it in the green. I suspect that was code (laughing) for getting a clump from a friend with some. Unfortunately, I don’t even know of anyone who grows it…but I keep my ear to the ground!

    Best of luck with yours!

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