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Street tree in front of our house
Sycamore Maple? Street Tree, Stratford Road

Trying to catch up with some of my blogospheric responsibilities, I realized I totally forgot to link back to Good Planets!

I submitted two photographs from the front of our house. The one above is the street tree in front of our house. Street trees have a tough time, and I worry about it. I’m thinking about plantings I can do in the tree pit (aka “hell strips”) between the sidewalk and the curb which will help the tree. We’re also going to need to make a cutout for the trunk, something I’m sorry we didn’t do when we had the sidewalk replaced two years ago.

Bees and Crocus tommasinianus in the front garden
Bees and Crocus tommasinianus in the front garden

This one’s a bonus shot of my first Spring flowers, in the front garden. These are part of the heirloom garden I’m building up in the front yard. The crocus were swarming with bees that day. I counted five bees when I took the photo, though I can only find three of them in the photo now.

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