Heirloom Canna “Mme. Paul Caseneuve”

Heirloom Canna “Mme. Paul Caseneuve”. Photo Credit: Blog Widow John

Earlier this week, while I’ve been in North Carolina, one of the heirloom bulbs in the front yard started to bloom. I was disappointed to miss its first flower. Blog Widow John was excited to see the bloom, and sent me this phonecam snapshot of it so I wouldn’t miss it. This is his first guest post on the blog. Thanks, baby!

It’s Canna “Mme. Paul Caseneuve”, which I received from Old House Gardens (OHG) this Spring. This is the first time I’ve grown this variety of Canna. Introduced in 1902, it’s growing about 3 feet high for me, not as tall as “Cleopatra” which I grew in the same container last year. OHG describes the flower as “heart-breakingly lovely” and it looks to fulfill that promise. The foliage has been attractive, dark bronze for me.

[Confidential to my readers: I’ll get some proper photos of it after I return home this weekend.]

7 thoughts on “Heirloom Canna “Mme. Paul Caseneuve”

  1. Wren: John concurs! I agree it’s a great phonecam photo. The “lens” on our cameras is smaller than a pencil point.

    bsg: Yes, I can’t wait to see it in person. My honey is coming to pick me up at my sister’s place today.

    bw: Who loves ya, baby! And thansk for your first comment. I guess you think I owe you something, now?! (Keep it clean: this blog is rated “safe”.)

  2. Beautiful flower and excellent phonecam photo. I love the impressionistic effects the phone cams give pictures.

    Incidentally, my better half had her first guest post this week as well.

    Hope the NC trip went well FG. I’ve been stuck in Houston’s steamy armpit 4 or 5 days a week for months now. So sad to be missing the unseasonably cool and misty Brooklyn weather. Apparently I’m getting home just in time to see temperatures soar back into the nineties.

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