OEM Tip of the Week: Plant a tree, reduce your flood risk

In recognition of Earth Day tomorrow, April 22, NYC’s Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) Tip of the Week advises residents to plant trees:

Celebrate Earth Day this week by planting a tree. In addition to helping slow climate change and improve air quality, trees absorb stormwater, which helps to reduce flooding. Get more information about tree planting through the City’s MillionTreesNYC project, which offers NYC residents free street trees and promotes urban forest expansion.

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2 thoughts on “OEM Tip of the Week: Plant a tree, reduce your flood risk

  1. Though I agree with the reasons for planting trees, it is my understanding that it is better to plant trees in the fall so that they have a better chance at survival. Please correct me if I am wrong. Until fall though, I am going to hold off on planting for the sake of the tree because they don’t do much good if they die before growing up 🙂

  2. In NYC, the Spring street tree planting season goes from March to May, while it’s still generally cool weather, and there is even the chance of frost and freezing weather.

    Both Spring and Fall are good times for planting trees, as well as other plants. The most immediate threats to newly planted trees come from damage or injury and lack of water. The latter can arise either from summer heat stress and drought, or from winter freezing.

    Different species of trees may fare better when planted in Spring or Fall. The NYC Parks Department takes that into account when they select trees and planting dates.

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