3 thoughts on “Prospect Park South Halloween Parade 2009

  1. Thanks for the slide presentation – such creative and clever costumes. Looks like the weather was nice and everyone had fun. The person in the pin striped suit was scary 🙂

  2. Good Lord, what a mob! Here in Caton Park, just blocks away, we got almost no one; guess our block is off the beaten path. My fave costume: the matching Prospect Park South brick columns with perfect planted urns on heads–wow!!

  3. peace: We lucked out on the weather. It started raining later that night, and we had some sprinkles at the time of the promenade.

    Brenda: If you want to experience the full onslaught of Halloween, come by my house. We got hundreds of visitors.

    And yeah, the brick columns costumes stole the show!

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