Garden Insect Species Records 2015

2015-09-19: Added Homeosoma, observed 10 days ago and just identified, bringing the total to 23.
2015-09-13: Two more Hymenoptera species identified from the last weekend in August: Bombus fervidus, golden northern bumblebee, and Gnamptopelta osidianator, an Ichneumon wasp. And a new Diptera species identified today: Hermetia illucens. That brings the number of species to 22.
2015-07-12: Added two I’d forgotten about: Orius insidiosus, and Anthrenus verbasci. That brings the number of species to 19.

These are the insect species I’ve discovered or identified in my garden for the first time this year.

Hymenoptera – Bees

  • Bombus fervidus, golden northern bumblebee, yellow bumblebee, 2015-08-30
  • Ceratina calcarata, spurred ceratina, small carpenter bee
  • Cerceris, two different species, not identified down to species.
  • Nomada, cuckoo bee
  • Osmia pumila, mason bee
  • Stelis louisae, Megachilid bee, cleptoparasite of Megachile campanuelae and perhaps related bees

    Stelis louisae (ID correction welcomed) on Heliopsis helianthoides, smooth oxeye, false sunflower, in the front garden, July 2015

Hymenoptera – Wasps

  • Gasteruption, carrot wasp
    Gasteruption, carrot wasp, on Zizia aurea, golden alexander, in my backyard, May 2015
  • Gnamptopelta obsdianator, Ichneumon wasp, spider wasp mimic, a parasitoid on Sphingid moth caterpillars, especially those feeding on Vitis, grape, hosts. 2015-08-31
  • Omalus, cuckoo wasp

Coleoptera, Beetles

  • Anthrenus verbasci, varied carpet beetle
  • Coccinella septempunctata, seven-spotted lady-beetle (introduced)
  • Exomala orientalis, Oriental beetle (introduced)
    Exomala orientalis, Oriental beetle (introduced), on Rudbeckia, black-eyed susan, in the front yard, July 2015
  • Pyrrhalta viburni, Viburnum leaf beetle (invasive)
    Pyrrhalta viburni, viburnum leaf beetle (VLB), 3rd instar larva, feeding on Viburnum dentatum, arrowwood, from my backyard, May 2015

Diptera, Flies

  • Allograpta obliqua, oblique syrphid fly
    Allograpta (obliqua or exotica), syphid fly, on stem in the front garden, June 2015
  • Hermetia illucens, black solder fly, a wasp mimic
  • Merodon equstris, Narcissus bulb fly (introduced)

Hemiptera, True Bugs

  • Coelidia olitoria, leafhopper
  • Hormaphis hamamelidis, witchhazel cone gall aphid
  • Jalysus, stilt bug
  • Lygaeus kalmii, small milkweed bug. I have no observation records of this species in my garden before this year. This year, there are scores of them.
    Lygaeus kalmii, small milkweed bug, mating in my driveway, June 2015
  • Orius insidiosus, insidious flower bug


  • Chrysopidae, green lacewings, Neuroptera
    Chrysopidae, green lacewing, larva, on Rudbeckia, in the front garden, June 2015
  • Homeosoma, a Pyralid moth
    Caterpillar of Homeosoma, a Pyralid moth, feeding on disk flowers of Helianthus sp., sunflower, in my garden, September 2015

Anthrenus verbasci, varied carpet beetle, and Orius insidiosus, insidous flower bug, on Erigeron, fleabane.
Anthrenus (A. verbasci?), carpet beetle, and Orius insidiosus, insidious flower bug, on Erigeron, fleabane, growing as a weed in my garden, June 2015

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