Mosquito Spraying in Southeast Brooklyn overnight

via Brooklyn Eagle.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will spray for mosquitoes in several areas of Brooklyn and Staten Island tonight between 7:45 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In Brooklyn, the affected areas include Canarsie, Paerdegat Basin, Georgetown, Flatlands, East Flatbush, Mill Basin, Bergen Beach and Canarsie Cemetery.

People in these areas, especially those with respiratory conditions, should stay indoors. Also, they are urged to remove children’s toys, outdoor equipment and clothes from outdoor areas during spraying.

For this spraying, the Health Department will use Anvil 10 + 10, a synthetic pesticide.


Mosquito Control Notice, August 13, 2008 (PDF)
Spraying Schedule
Heath Department Reminds New Yorkers to Protect Themselves against West Nile Virus, DOH Press Release, August 13, 2008
West Nile Virus home page, DOH

No news is not good news: Courier-Life Publications Web sites displaced

Earlier this afternoon, Brooklyn Junction noticed that the Web site for Flatbush Life was down:

No one ever accused of being the most regularly updated website in the world. Coming from me, that doesn’t mean much these days. But gone? Say it ain’t so.

At first, the Flatbush Life Web site was responding with “404 – Not Found.” Shortly after, it was redirecting to an unfamiliar Web site: I contacted the Webmaster for and got this response: [is] redirecting to the newly-designed combines the newspapers of the Courier Life publications, Times Ledger publications, and Bronx Times/ Times Reporter.

The domain is owned by Courier-Life’s parent company, News Community Newspapers Holdings, Inc. Within YourNabe, there are sections for different neighborhoods. For example, the new URL for Flatbush Life is

All Web sites for Courier-Life Publications‘ Brooklyn neighborhood newspapers are affected by this change:

  • Bay News
  • Bay Ridge Courier
  • Brooklyn Graphic
  • Canarsie Digest
  • Flatbush Life
  • Kings Courier
  • Park Slope Courier
  • Brooklyn Heights Courier
  • Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill Courier
  • Fort Greene / Clinton Hill Courier

Sources of Plants for Brooklyn Gardeners

Left to right: Gowanus Nursery, Liberty Sunset Garden Center, Chelsea Garden Center, and Brooklyn Terminal Market

Gowanus NurseryLiberty Sunset Garden CenterChelsea Garden Center, Red HookFlats and racks of annuals at Whitey Produce, Brooklyn Terminal Market

Just a timely pointer to my post from last year, Sources of Plants for Brooklyn Gardeners, May 24, 2007. Since Blogspot doesn’t give me any means of creating a standing topic page, I continue to keep that post up to date.

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Brooklyn Terminal Market is NOT Closed

The Brooklyn Terminal Market is NOT closed.

Yesterday I read:

The ladies doing their thing in the garden. (Disclaimer – these pictures are a few weeks old, but the Brooklyn Terminal Market – I think now closed for a while – was a great spot to pick up a lot of nice things at decent prices.)
More Gardening, BedStuy Reno blog on Brownstoner

After reading that, I called Brooklyn Terminal Market and left them a message. Beverly Wiseman from BTM just returned my call. She was even more surprised than I was to hear that they were closed!

The Brooklyn Terminal Market, located in Canarsie betwen Foster and Remsen Avenues from East 83rd to East 87th Street, is open all year.

Sources of Plants for Brooklyn Gardeners

See also:

Update 2011-06-13: Corrected address for Root Stock & Quade.
Update 2010.01.03: Corrected all links to the old Gowanus Lounge domain to the new memorial domain.
Update 2008.05.09: Added GRDN.
Update 2008.04.29: Added J&L Landscaping, Kensington.
Update 2008.04.18: Added Kings County Nurseries. Added link for Zuzu’s Petals.
Update 2007.05.25: Added Shannon Florist.

Gowanus Lounge called it:

Red Hook is turning into Brooklyn’s Gardening District. … No less than three garden shops are now open in the Hook. The Chelsea Garden Center Brooklyn has been operating for a couple of weeks at 444 Van Brunt Street, a block from the Red Hook Fairway. The Gowanus Nursery, which lost its space on Third Street, reopened last month at 45 Summit Street. And, this weekend saw the Grand Opening of the Liberty Sunset Garden Center on Pier 41 at 204 Van Dyke Street.
Is Red Hook the New Gardening District?, Gowanus Lounge, May 14

And the Times plays catch-up:

A new group of large nurseries that have suddenly sprung up in Red Hook, Brooklyn — since March, three have opened within blocks of each other — is a welcome surprise for many of the city’s gardeners.
New York’s Nurseries Try a Transplant, New York Times, Today

But Red Hook is not the only place for Brooklyn Gardeners to buy plants locally. (And isn’t Gowanus Nursery technically in Columbia Waterfront, not Red Hook?)

I’ve bought plants through mail order for years. It used to be that the only plants I bought locally were annuals from the Greenmarket at Union Square. Over time the growers at the Greenmarket began offering more interesting annuals, perennials and shrubs. I learned that I got more for the money buying locally than through mail order. And since the plants I bought locally were larger than those I got through mail order, they had a better start and were less likely to fail before becoming established. (Not to mention if it took me a couple of weeks or months to get around to planting them at all.)

It got even better when I moved from the East Village to Park Slope. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 15 years now, and I’m still learning about new local sources of plants. I’ve bought plants at all of the following locations except for J&L Landscaping and Kings County Nurseries Chelsea Garden Center and Liberty Sunset. Each has something slightly different to offer for variety, expertise, and access to transportation. Prices vary widely. The Brooklyn Terminal Market generally has the best prices, but requires a car to get to it.

  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden Garden Shop, 718-623-7280
  • Brooklyn Terminal Market, several independent vendors, Foster and Remsen Avenues, Canarsie, 718-444-5700
  • Chelsea Garden Center, 444 Van Brunt Street, Red Hook, 212-727-7100
  • David Shannon Nursery & Florist, 3380 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, 718-436-4521
  • Gowanus Nursery, 45 Summit Street, Red Hook/Columbia Waterfront, 718-852-3116
  • Greenmarket, Grand Army Plaza, Saturdays (The one at Union Square is the best place for plants. Lots of selections, and accessible by subway.)
  • GRDN, 103 Hoyt Street (between Atlantic and Pacific), Boerum Hill, 718.797.3628
  • J & L Landscaping, 702 Caton Ave, Kensington, (718) 438-3199
  • Kings County Nurseries, 625 New York Avenue, (718) 493-2363
  • Liberty Sunset, 204-207 Van Dyke Street, on Pier 41, Red Hook, 718-858-3400
  • Root Stock & Quade, 471 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11205 718-832-1888
  • ZuZu’s Petals, 374 5 Avenue, Park Slope, 718-638-0918

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News: Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance Recommending Brooklyn Neighborhoods

The Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance (FBNPA), working with local advocates, has come up with a list of 18 buildings and nine potential historic districts in the borough that it would like to see designated by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). …

Among the Brooklyn neighborhoods that FBNPA is recommending for landmark status are Canarsie’s Seaview Village, two Victorian Flatbush enclaves (Ditmas Park West and West Midwood), Prospect Heights, and streets in Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn.

Group touts new ‘landmarks wish list’, March 22, Courier-Life Publications

Ditmas Park West is immediately south of my neighborhood, Beverley Square West, and west (surprise!) of the Ditmas Park Historic District. West Midwood is south of Ditmas Park West and west of Midwood Park and Fiske Terrace, which have already been proposed, but not yet approved, as new Historic Districts.

They are also recommending the expansion of the tiny Carroll Gardens landmark area.

Among the structures on the list are several in Canarsie, Gravesend and Williamsburg, as well as one in Bay Ridge, one in East Flatbush, and one in Bushwick.

I’ve never heard of the Four Borough Neighborhood Preservation Alliance (FBNPA) before reading this article. I can’t find a Web site or any other contact information for them online. I would provide a link if I had one. If you know of anything, please leave a comment.

Field Trip, Sunday, May 21, 2006: Brooklyn Terminal Market

Flats and racks of annuals at Whitey Produce, Brooklyn Terminal Market
Flats and racks of annuals at Whitey Produce, Brooklyn Terminal Market

This morning, some neighbors took me for my first visit to the Brooklyn Terminal Market. Several blocks of outdoor (this time of year, anyway) and indoor plants and supplies (fertilizers, mulch, and so on).

I couldn’t resist buying several plants.

Perennials and annuals at A. Visconti & Son, Brooklyn Terminal Market
Perennials and annuals at A. Visconti & Son, Brooklyn Terminal Market

From A. Visconti & Son:

  • Dianthus caryophyllus SuperTrouper Dark Violet, Carnation, for windowboxes. This variety was the most fragrant, with a spicy clove scent, from all the varieties on hand.
  • Sempervivum “Bronco”, Hens and Chicks, for windowboxes
  • Polystichum tsu-tsimense, for shade garden, shady path

Perennials at Harvest Produce, Brooklyn Terminal Market
Perennials at Harvest Produce, Brooklyn Terminal Market

From Harvest Produce:

  • Dicentra eximia “Aurora”, white-flowering selection of native bleeding heart, for native plant garden
  • Heuchera “Color Dream”, Coral Bells. These are one of the varieties of red-leaved Heucheras in the middle of the photo above.
  • Iris germanica “Zebra”, variegated German Iris, for sunny border/cut flower garden
  • Liatris spicata “Kobold”, cultivar of Dense Blazing Star, for native plant garden or sunny border/cut flower garden. You can see these in the foreground of the photo above.

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